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Proof of Value (PoV) with Paul Glynn, CEO of Davra
August 18, 2022
In this episode of Over the Air — IoT, Connected Devices, & the Journey… Ryan is joined by Paul Glynn to discuss the role of proof of value (PoV) in driving successful IoT products.
Paul's IoT Hot Take

In this episode of Over the Air - IoT, Connected Devices, & the Journey, Ryan Prosser, CEO of Very is joined by Paul Glynn, CEO of Davra. They discuss proof of value (PoV) as an invaluable indicator of a successful IoT product, not just the proof of concepts of innovative projects, which almost always fails.

Paul Glynn is the Founder and Managing Director at Symbiote Networks and a Partner at SomeNeck Guitars. Paul grew his previous technology company Crannog Software to $6m+ revenues and successfully sold it to Fluke Networks. He is a 25-year industry veteran, and sits on multiple technology boards. As CEO at Davra, Paul is responsible for managing and building partner relationships and strategic customer developments.

Paul had started out as a junior salesperson at Commodore in the nineties and learned a lot about the company's success at the time, and how its lack of a core business value limited its ability to compete favorably for a lasting existence.

They cover:

👉 [01:58 - 08:00] The rise and fall of Commodore
👉 [08:30 - 11:00] What really happened to Blackberry
👉 [12:30 - 12:50] Proof of value vs proof of concept
👉 [12:50 - 14:00] The importance of ensuring long-term customer value
👉 [14:00 - 14:30] The limitation of proof of concept (PoC)
👉 [15:28 - 17:00] Understanding the operational problems of clients enough to show value
👉 [21:39 - 24] The importance of aligning proof of value(PoV) to clients specific business problem
👉 [27:17 - 27:30] Data analytics as the next phase of IoT
👉 [27:30 - 28:40] Video as a rising start in IoT

If you’re interested in understanding the role of proof of value(PoV) in driving successful IoT products, tune into this episode of Over the Air — IoT, Connected Devices, & the Journey podcast.

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