IoT Podcast: Over the Air
Digital Twins and IoT for Robotics
June 9, 2022
In this episode of Over the Air - IoT, Connected Devices, & the Journey, Ryan Prosser, CEO of Very, is joined by Kiva Allgood, President, CEO, and Board Member at Sarcos Technology and Robotics Corporation. They discuss how Sarcos is bringing industrial robotics and exoskeletons to life. They further talk about the role of IoT in product development and how to quickly bring these innovations to market in a way that has the greatest commercial viability.
While there is a widespread concern that robots will displace industrial workers, Kiva explains the reality that many industries, including manufacturing, lack skilled workers to do the machine work, even worse now with the aging workforce. Sarcos is focused on providing the workforce of the future where robots can collaborate with humans and perhaps improve their abilities.

Kiva also talks about the industrial IoT advancements and solutions that are in the process of development, stating that the ability of robots to perform these duties autonomously will be a huge step forward. The focus is still on developing a product that has the dexterity and mobility of a human. This will hasten mainstream adoption because the job locations and buildings were designed for humans.

They cover:

👉 Delivering futuristic and interesting products that have commercial viability
👉 The implication of an aging workforce and declining skilled workers
👉 Frameworks for achieving measurable business value in the industrial landscape
👉 The workforce and the future of IoT
👉 The electrification of robots
👉 Robotics as a service 
👉 Digital twins and IoT solutions for robotics
👉 Why does robotics aspire to build products with human dexterity and kinematics equivalents?
👉 Power-to-weight ratio and energy considerations for robotics
👉 Achieving autonomous tasks capability
👉 Kiva’s perspective of a CEO's function in driving company growth
👉 The growing value of robotics-as-a-Service
👉 Approaches to efficient commercialization of robotics products

If you're interested in learning more about robots as a service and how Sarcos is using custom IoT solutions, AI, and machine learning to enable rapid innovation while delivering business value, tune into this episode of Over the Air — IoT, Connected Devices, & the Journey podcast.

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