IoT Podcast: Over the Air
Leveraging Digital Technology for Health and Fitness with Florian Sauter, CTO and Co-founder at EGYM
September 1, 2022
In this episode of Over the Air — IoT, Connected Devices, & the Journey… Ryan is joined by Florian Sauter to discuss how EGYM is leveraging digital technology for global health and fitness.
Florian's IoT Hot Take

In this episode of Over the Air - IoT, Connected Devices, & the Journey, Ryan Prosser, CEO of Very, is joined by Florian Sauter, CTO and Co-founder at EGYM. They discuss how EGYM is building what customers want, not what they think they want in the fitness industry. Florian further delves into the idea of smart fitness through digitizing workout equipment, which creates a fully connected and personalized training experience. Florian and Ryan also look into how connected devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) are revolutionizing the fitness industry and blurring the boundaries between fitness and health.

EGYM is a cloud-connected system with headquarters in Germany that combines intelligent software and cutting-edge fitness equipment. Florian, who oversees the business's research and development, attended the TUM Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

They cover:

👉 [01:08 - 02:08] EGYM’s approach in the fitness space
👉 [02:39 - 05:24] Frameworks for creating personalized experiences in the fitness sector
👉 [06:00 - 07:31] Finding product-market fit for smart fitness solutions
👉 [08:40 - 09:38] EGYM’s approach to getting data from customers
👉 [13:57 - 15:13] The future of the fitness industry
👉 [15:30 - 18:52] How VR and AR will impact the fitness space

If you’re interested in leveraging digital technology for health and fitness, tune into this episode of Over the Air — IoT, Connected Devices, & the Journey podcast.

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